What makes an API for Global EDI Transit work, really?

ECGridOS is a fairly new service built on a mature and proven platform, ECGrid. Many potential partners ask a quite valid question, “what do you mean Global EDI transit via the API?”

Well, let me tell ya. Users of ECGridOS are clients of ECGrid. Small distinction, you say. No. Not at all. While Service Providers might use ECGrid via direct interconnections, more are migrating to the ECGridOS API –  and all developers get a fine-grained, powerful, and flexible means of access to ECGrid via a connection-based, 110 function SOAP function toolkit. Look what you can do: create and mange mailboxes, user sessions and credentials, send and receive EDI transactions, manage interconnections, store and retrieve data objects, create A2 connections (2012), usage reports, message tracking, and more, see the online docs at ecgridos.net.

ECGrid is an advanced routing cluster that serves commerce network operators. As an inter VAN routing broker since 2001,  ECGrid solves many of the thorny issues of brokering message traffic between network operators. This is no small feat; without getting into gory technical details, end-to-end routing and system to system automation of error recovery is a rigorous discipline.

Consider that ECGrid has been in operation since 2001. Operating a network of networks, such as ECGrid, requires ‘street cred’ in the EDI word. Therefore, ECGrid’s capabilities are matched by Todd’s personal reputation in the X12 world.

ECGrid is, therefore, a serious piece of tech used by the top commerce networks, who are connected via permanent channels. It is all at once fancy schmancy and serious business. ECGridOS is the programmer’s channel to ECGrid and all its power, accessed via a Web Services interface, on a call by call basis, from your code. No other method of managing EDI messages – FTP, AS2, etc., has as many features or the flexibility to control the end-to-end routing of messages, as well as the management of trading partners.

ECGrid is a complex systems for a global cadre of vaunted networks and marquee VANs – ECGridOS is your ticket to creating new commerce applications that leverage the full power of ECGrid.

So there.

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