Who knew? ECGridOS is Unique !

Everyone thinks their new product is unique, even when it based on a follow the market strategy, coming in late and mopping up unexploited opportunities. But, in the case of ECGridOS, a programmatic gateway to the otherwise mature services of ECGrid, it is true – more true than we thought. It all started with a conference call to a prominent SAAS provider that we are trying to bring in as a preferred platform partner.

“We didn’t even know that we could make one connection and cross all commerce networks, and that we could fully integrate the functions of adding trading partners and tracking messages right within our code. We usually have to use external interfaces for each client on our platform – it can get expensive and adds friction in the setup process.”

“Yep”, I said, “instead of seperate interfaces for various VANs, As2, FTP, one API connects them all, and you can create mailboxes and new ID’s, just like a first class X12.56 VAN. You are the VAN when you use ECGridOS.”

“Wow”, the CTO said, “….Wow…we can really just say to our hosted clients that EDI communications are included with their service”.

I said, “why shouldn’t it be?”

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