NEECOM is Upon US – So have some Kosher Chinese

Save the date for 10/15/09 is big user group and ecommerce trade show. The best of its kind. In Massachusetts!

Both Todd and I will be at the user group meeting. A very active vendor constituency will be there, so call Neecom and get in. The location is at a very reasonably priced hotel outside of Boston…yes, I know, its no Wilshire Grand or Paramount on Telegraph Ave., but its cheap and the company is hip. Loren Data is sure to be hosting an “after the event Chinese buffet for Vendors to recover from the ordeal, everyone is invited including attendees, guests, any NEECOM connected folks. Keep your eye on this blog for time and place as we firm up the precise place.

After sitting through what is sure to be 2 or 3 seminars on how SAAS is going to change ecommerce and EDI (which it is, see here) you could probably use an eggroll to get your blood sugar up before you get in that rented car.

The ASC X12 Trimester VAN Summit may have been postponed, but NEECOM will be the shizzle, whatever that is in ecommerce terms. See you there, I hope.

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