Price, Functionality, or Both

I was talking to a potential client about getting the proper resources in place for a transition from FTP and AS2 connections to ECGridOS API Web Services. Adoption of an API is not difficult, but it is different. ECGridOS becomes part of your application or platform, and therefore allows more flexibility than simply handing off an EDI file to FTP or AS2 utilities. Configuration is only one aspect of this flexibility; an application’s native UI can control the creation of mailboxes and invoke live reporting on message delivery.

Cost is secondary. True, ECGridOS is often a more cost effective solution, due to Loren Data Corp’s pricing structure, particularly for large annual accounts – although a 100 mailbox account will cost far less than other services. But, the biggest advantage of ECGridOS comes from the power and flexibility of having your code gain access to ECGrid – the most trusted All Routes EDI messaging engine in the industry, used by over 65 electronic commerce networks.

What could you do with ECGridOS attached to your code? We have lists that enumerate potential uses, both within the classic EDI and Supply Chain world, and in applications that exploit completely fresh channels for relaible messaging. For professions that can’t tolerate ‘garden variety’ email delivery of electronic legal documents, ECGridOS gives document management and messaging providers an alternative to email for getting the message through spam free, and traceable end-to-end.

Something to think about when weighing costs and functions.

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