My unexpected EDI elevator pitch

Updated 1/19/2012

A few years ago, I attended a B2B commerce event, not expecting so much discussion about automated inventory, 3rd party logistics, B2B Cloud services, and EDI. There were very knowledgeable folks in attendance, many of whom were Master Supply Chain and Logistics leaders!

I was not there as a speaker, someone gave me a free guest pass. In the middle of the speaker track, one of the hosts got on microphone and announced, “we have a fellow here that is a B2B supply chain product analyst who works with a EDI communications company offering an API for the integration of EDI services….”

“Whoa!”, were they talking about me?

And then someone walks right up to me and says, “give us your pitch, man, you got 45 seconds”. !!

So I did:

ECGridOS is a 115 function Web Services API for EDI (electronic data interchange) communications and network management. Software developers and B2B SAAS operators may use ECGridOS to implement  message routing and trading partner management with the full authority typically reserved for a Value Added Network.

The ECGridOS Web Services API grants programmatic access to ECGrid, the host network used by SPS Commerce and many other Professional Service Providers. EDI services can now be consumed internally, and integrated closely with program logic – it’s a game changer.

ECGridOS makes a real difference for ERP and 3PL platforms. ECGridOS eliminates the most vexing problems related to EDI – the external control of communications and trading partner management.

ECGridOS was designed for multi-tenant B2B platforms. Bringing core messaging control functions into an application’s code allows any platform or Enterprise Software system to directly invoke all of the functions of an autonomous EDI network.

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