When you need 1000 EDI mailboxes, who you gonna call?

More to the point: If you need to provision and control 1000 EDI  mailboxes, the associated accounts, multiple unique QID’s for trading partners (again unique to each  mailbox instance), all from within YOUR software program or platform (SAAS, PAAS, SOA, ESB), where are you going to get that functionality?

Well, I will tell you: ECGridOS is the only EDI API that grants full X12.56 network authority to system and platform operators needing production quantities of EDI identities and accounts. Period.

If you want to administer 100’s or 1,000’s of EDI QID’s and mailboxes from within your platform, where your User Interface encompasses all EDI administrative controls and functions – including the ability to turn-up and lay-off services…….ECGridOS’ has 78 Web Service calls that get the job done your way, in your code.

We know we currently lead the field, and the first large use cases will be published shortly.  Check out the richness

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