B2B Platform SAAS Developers – Swoop in Now While the Industry is Roiling

This is quite simple – Now is the time to get your app on while the industry is in a bit of (slightly exaggerated) turmoil.

Been thinking that you could deliver a better hosted EDI application, but the messaging infrastructure options offered by the usual suspects are just too limited to distinguish your planned or actual stellar code work? Are you bringing the NEXT BIG Thing to supply chain, 3PL, ERP, and want to make EDI as end-user transparent as possible?

Get an ECGridOS API developers account, get familiar with the interfaces, and build your EDI dream while the market is hot, end users are awake, and deals can be made. Typical FTP and AS2 or VAN options are just not the right way to handle EDI communications in Multi-Account hosted architectures, but ECGridOS is 78 functions strong.

ECGridOS makes your applications into a real EDI network?  How is that different than typical services? Well, first see here. Call Alan 412-353-9269 for developer on-boarding. 

A real EDI network,not an FTP account or single mailbox means:

  1. You can create mailboxes and unique user accounts with separate credentials
  2. You can turn up and suspend services without asking anyone’s permission (it’s your platform!)
  3. You can sync trading partner QIDs with account master records, right from within your applications – no resorting to external interfaces. It’s your platform!
  4. You can pair your accounts users with non-VAN trading partners by having us attach them to ECGrid
  5. You can manage clients with 100’s, even 1000’s of mailboxes, QID’s and user accounts – because ECGridOS is called and bound to your code, and it’s your PLATFORM
  6. Your clients / tenants can track messages and create the most detailed transit reports, with message manifests detailing each messages waypoint, because it’s your platform, they are your users, and why do other carriers not make this available, or charge for reports or archives?
  7. You can call us today and get started for free with a developer account, and move to as many mailboxes you wish at price that will please you. 412-353-9269 gets you started.
  8. You can work with the most experienced Network Operations team in the EDI business, relied upon by some of the most prestigious commerce operators, and a crack crew at network ID migrations, certificate maintenance, and experts at solving weird interconnect issues. Loren Data has seen it all.
  9. You can work with the team that created ECGrid, the multiCPU cluster that provides routing reliability and automated interconnect enhancements for a who’s who of VANs and Commerce hubs.
  10. You can give input and request modifications to the Web Services interfaces of ECGridOS –  we just added Tradacoms UK interchange envelope format at a developer’s request.

You can launch your EDI dream, and if your provider is Loren Data Corp ECGridOS, you won’t hear the words, “we can’t do that”, to any reasonable developer request.

Finally, this point is unnumbered:

If you feel that your EDI network management costs and pricing structures have been inflexible, and that your ideas for new business models are falling on the deaf ears of your current B2B network provider……call us and tell us a deal that would work for you; we will do everything in our power to make your new B2B platform business successful. Or, if you are looking for a change in providers, and an API approach works, you should call too.

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