B2B Services in the Cloud: Cliche or True Path?

We bet the farm on our Web Services API for EDI network communications management. Yep, we sure did. Built a huge messaging reliability cluster that has been in continuous operation brokering routes and messages between electronic commerce service providers since 2001. Spent almost two years defining the functional syntax of the WSDL, the return data, control structure, and every little thing. Then we tested and tested. Before unleashing this grand architecture upon the world, we used it to build real services for our very own Loren Data Corp’s production and administrative interfaces.

The seed that started this was an early inkling that more B2B processes would be moving from Bigco to Mid Market – from premises licensed software to what is now called SAAS, or cloud based on-demand solutions.

By no means clairvoyant, we put a marker down on hosted services. You innovators out there, building the next generation of Cloud B2B systems for 3PL, ERP, and all manner of right-sized,on demand applications for the SME, we serve you.

By providing your platform with the functions of a “Global Peer VAN”, with all the power that infers, you can build in all the EDI messaging power that can be imagined. It’s your code. Simple or complex, even functions that are normally relegated to “VAN Net Ops”, can be controlled by the ECGridOS API. Your platform can interconnect, route, manage trading partners, and more. Because ECGridOS is an API connected to ECGrid, you have programmatic access to the EDI industry’s most powerful message routing and reliability cluster.

There is a saying in the ISP and VAN industry, “when things are going well, no one cares about Network Operations, when things go horribly wrong, Net Ops is the whole business.

We bet on you, platform people, so you can rely on us, on ECGrid®, to back you up with the best and most robust network operations in the business – and the only Web Services API for EDI communications.

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