The EDI One Percent'ers – We are with you.

We know who you are. You are the EDI 1%’ers.

You may have labored in anonymous servitude behind a corporate firewall, but now you see a better way to connect B2B partners, and you need electronic commerce routes. You need more than routes, actually, you need central EDI network control over user sessions, creation of accounts, interconnections, the whole EDI communications shooting match with nothing left out.

You plan to build, or have built, a hosted ERP, CRM, or SAAS B2B platform. You want total EDI functional transparency to the end user, and you need to control commerce communications with the utmost flexibility and lowest cost –  you are an EDI 1%’er.

You have run into the limitations of the EDI retail mailbox business of sharing FTP and AS2 connections, and your multiuser managed platform needs to control, create, suspend, and monitor multi-user distributed EDI accounts, with unique instances of Trading Partners for each account.

You need it all: The Netops Authority, ‘to act as a peer’ network with true VAN-ittude, backed by  an experienced technical EDI network provider that understands the software development lifecycle, and shares your appetite for innovation, and who will respond when things get ‘interesting’. We are with you, we have been supporting electronic commerce services hosts for well over a decade with ‘think outside of the box’ EDI network solutions.

1%’er’s, all of you folks taking the next step to bring EDI into the Cloud Computing Era.

1% amongst a handful of major OEM software companies that are in developer trials with us –  you will make EDI part of the server and application stack, ending the era of, “thanks for buying our system…..good luck with that EDI setup”.

1% of new era Web Based Accounting and Small Business Management on-demand services, going API-to API with us to offer tailored connections so your clients can send x12 documents to their upstream buyers, all without knowing anything about EDI.

More than 1% of visionary medium and specialty VANs and commerce hubs that currently partner with Loren Data Corp, on ECGrid, or ECGridOS. It will be more than one percent due to the small number of visionaries struggling with Todd, Crystal, Kristine, and (for the moment) myself – putting all of our energy into redefining the EDI Communications business with open directories, automated 3rd generation routing (like real networks?), and fantastic and far-flung opportunities to extend the model of electronic commerce communications..

1 %.

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