What’s in my API box of EDI Stuff?

Your January EDI box O’ Stuff from Loren Data Corp – The best thing in the Box is ECGridOS, the only EDI API for turning any server into a global EDI network node. But there is more in the Loren Data Box !


With its fairly homely corporate website, very homely ECGrid site, and slightly more 2.0 ish (but still homely) ECGridOS API site (this site),   people think that Loren Data Corp is a startup, a new API provider, an interloper to the EDI business, unless you know who Todd is, and the services he has delivered to the market over a period of 23 years. I thought that with the New Year, we could look into the latest “EDI Big Box O’ Stuff” that Loren Data Corp offers – most of which cannot be bought at any price anywhere else in the industry because it is all based on Todd Gould’s unique experience in running an EDI Communications network unlike any other VAN. Let’s open the box with some quick history.

The first ten years of Loren Data Corp were spent creating (among other projects) the first Web-based EDI system for the US Air Force PX logistics supply chain. This one of the first, if not the first, Javascript implementation of a user facing EDI interface.

In 1997 Todd sees the ups and downs of commerce networks. While the Internet was becoming more open and integrated with a growing set of Net Enabled Applications, the EDI business was becoming more restricted, provincial, and turf-ridden. The business of interconnections, routing, and internetwork message handling and reliability was a mess. Todd wanted an unbundled service that B2B e-commerce users of all types could obtain at reasonable rates, particularly developers, smaller specialist commerce hosts (before the “cloud”, there were managed B2B services).

In 2001, ECGrid® had been well established as a more technically sophisticated way for service providers, including some famous name VANs, to manage their EDI message stream, insure X12.56 compliance and reliability, and generally do all the things that true “value added B2B”” systems should have outsourced in the first place. Networks are for specialists.

There is nothing on the market like ECGrid®. The new class of Cloud based e-commerce, ERP, 3PL, and well worn supply chain networks that use Loren Data get  network functionality and competitive market based pricing without tie-ups to software, systems, back room deals, and your cousin’s Bar Mitzvah.

No retail services, no value added, no subverting end users from our wholesale clients. Our ECGridOS API services are platform oriented, not end user focused, so, Loren is an honest broker of VAN to VAN, Commerce Network to Commerce Network connections.

There is more good stuff in LorenData Corps EDI box:

  • A small, experienced team that responds in near real time to any EDI network implementation and operations support issues.
  • Tools, tools, and more tools for those pushing the EDI connectivity envelope
  • An expanding developer community, our partners who create “the next big EDI thing, the greatest self service management dashboard, EDI directories over Web 2.0 Social Networks, no matter what you are working on, the point is – we make matches between our wholesale VAN accounts and out most clever developers! We hook you up, yo!

Finally real people you can talk to, discuss challenges and seek solutions with, – Todd, Crystal, Kristine, Shelly, and me! Hey we threw in a EDI and supply chain strategic industry analyst for free!

And with all that said, in a market where things can get a little crazy and scary for the small to medium B2B systems users and creators – its the people and partners you can talk to and deal with that make the difference in getting a real solution to market, and getting real problems solved. Happy New Year.

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