A Carrier Class EDI Network Management Application Built on ECGridOS EDI Web Services

See full size imageI drum on about how ECGridOS allows any host, server, SAAS B2B hub, or program / Toolkit, can internalize VAN style services within the application’s codebase. By bringing the API inside your server (or Client side) code, you attain the status of a Value Added Network. You now have the ability to create and control EDI accounts,  User Roles, Interconnection, and reporting functions unavailable with any other competing e-commerce communications provider. Stay with me, because there is a big announcement coming in one paragraph.

When you use an externally configured and controlled VAN via FTP or AS2, all of your account management functions are done via human contact with the VAN via forms, phone, email, etc. When you build in the ECGridOS API, you can invoke account management functions into your UI and administrative interfaces. There are many more advantages regarding segmentation of the message stream, automation of messaging and error recovery, but if you don’t quite get it, or find it hard to believe that such am EDI network exists see the API docs here or see the fully narrated presentation here.

The API is not difficult for your average Visual Studio or Java programmer to implement – certainly knowing something about Web Services helps, but most modern code IDEs have an import function that just makes the ECGridOS functions look like local code. However, if you want to see what a real team of experts can do with ECGridOS, have I got a treat for you. Loren Data Corp, the parent of ECGridOS and the operator of the ECGrid® advanced EDI message routing cluster (VAN), has signed a UK Franchisee that has taken the API to the Carrier Class League.

This team will be offering not only a fully self-service GUI driven EDI management application built on ECGrid and ECGridOS, but is can also deliver autonomous Network ID’s and licenses to other service providers who may use the EDI Hub Management software in the back office. What does this mean? It means that you can run your own EDI network, integrated with backend systems, with a management application suitable for ISPs, Telecoms, and EDI Network Service Providers. This closes the first implementation milestone for ECGridOS for  those who desire a white-label EDI network. The API has always been, and will always be available for custom applications, and now, a fully featured management application that fully exploits the ECGridOS is available . Not Bad, eh?

We will be posting screen shots, videos, Webinars,  and webcasts about this exciting development when the partner is ready to break the news, and it is not far off. Hit our developer mailing list link or one of our other partner contact forms on this site to get more up to date information on ECGrid’s newest API based management application. Well here is a taste:

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