Are you building a Secure Messaging Application?

I’ll Betcha didn’t know that ECGridOS is a muscular private, spam-free, high-performance messaging platform, hmmmm?

True, True, the ECGridOS API has more functions for EDI messages, reads the ISA segment address for routing, checks the message delimiters and well-formed-ness of the X12 doc….but did you also know:

  • All of the transparent platform functions of reliable message delivery and archiving on ECGrid® are available to any extended() file management function, upload, download, manifest, tracking etc. You can build apps on that !
  • With a trivial set of function calls, you can create your own managed messaging system that places the power of ECGrid at your command?
  • That you can seamlessly translate and route between email systems and  ECGridOS with a few widely available API’s?
  • You can extend the private messaging repertoire of Outlook and Exchange clients, Visual Studio .NET and VB Applications?

In summary, you can command THE enhanced messaging reliability platform, ECGrid®, trusted to deliver commerce data for thousands of ERP, Inventory, and Logistics systems, and apply its easy to use managed messaging foundations and rich features into your applications.

Take a look at the API (EX)tended functions, and dream !

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