Learn About EDIs New Multi-Tenant Direction

Editors Note: The narrated slides below are a bit out of date, and are due for a major overhaul, the API now has over 150 functions, As2, certificate management, and more, much more. However, the basic premise of ECGridOS remains the ability to embed EDI network management, message routing, and controls, into software, cloud systems, and everywhere.

The ECGridOS EDI API offers  the right tools for managing thousands of EDI users and accounts.

The 78 Functions of ECGridOS presents as a grammar for extending robust EDI network services on par with the communications services that are considered default features of servers, SAAS platforms, and integration middleware.   This presentation explains the use of an EDI API, and how this can differentiate your ERP, 3PL, or SAAS B2B platform. Narrated by Alan.

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