Telecoms, ISPs, Managed Services, Cloud Hosted B2B – Your EDI Network Awaits

Telecom Providers and ISP’s:
You have the contacts and clients, some want to have EDI Communications services – but then you need to partner with a VAN to get those B2B routing functions. We feel for you.
ECGridOS is a 78 function WSDL Grammar that grants full Global Peer VAN EDI Routing authority to ISPs, Telecom, Managed Services Providers, SAAS Hub operators, etc.
WE would be glad to give you a personal orientation  of how to offer EDI Communications services to your clients, no bleeding required for the privilege.

When you partner with Loren Data Corp and implement ECGridOS, you attain the same routing authority and interconnection flexibility as any EDI Communications provider. Better still, you have the flexibility to further grant autonomous network authority to other B2B service providers via our hierarchical multitenant platform for Network Services Distributor.

Top Tier services providers, telecoms, ISPs, Cloud and managed services hosts: If your customers need EDI Communications they can go elsewhere, you can outsource, or you can be the EDI Comms services owner. Don’t leave money on the table when you provide 99% of their services already. See Here

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