All the SOA Agonizing, and our developers do it every day

What is SOA, can you use SOA, are we an SOA shop, can we manage SOA? Oh the navel gazing! ECGridOS developers deploy well governed SOA solutions every day by taking the worlds only EDI API that allows a developer, a lonely developer, to create an EDI Communications network, a unique network with unique features specific to your EDI, 3PL, ERP, etc. requirements. So I commented on Dion Hinchcliffe’s blog about enterprise architectures and SOA. Here is what I said:

Being in a Services Oriented Community
Wow, that’s a lot of words! But all true.

We provide a 90ish function WSDL for EDI Communications
that essentially allows any ecommerce developer to become
their own VAN, with all the power of an autonomous

More to the point, many of these clients, even newbies to
Web Services, didn’t even know they were involved in a
“Service Oriented Architecture” mission! They just built a
great new service from several well published commercial,
hosted API’s, like our very own ECGridOS !

And of course their own great code pulling together local
and remote resources. These great developers, some
slaving away at day jobs at the “name brand VARs”, came
aboard, and we helped support them wherever we could
with free or very low cost services, marketing, leads, etc.

They all helped us extend the ECGridOS API, find
weaknesses in the infrastructure, and generally have made
Loren Data Corp a better company. Hats off to our
developers. you EDI cowboys you!

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