New Video Demos

A brief announcement regarding a very important development:

NetEDI LTD. has released video of their EDI Network Management Dashboard Application.

Why is this important?

1) It is the one of the first major applications that uses ECGridOS to create turnkey VAN services.

2) NetEDI’s experience in Web Services allowed Loren Data Corp to collaborate and make the API even better.

3) Because the NetEDI Network Control Dashboard is 100% based on ECGridOS API, it is fully extensible and can be integrated with any number of server and automation architectures.

4) So, stand alone as a robust Private label VAN control panel with advanced account control, or as an embedded EDI administration module within Biztalk, SAP, or Oracle, you have the best of all worlds !

The Power of the ECGrid EDI Routing System, the granular control of ECGridOS API services, and the experience of NetEDI LTD, a team with a combined 30+ years of EDI integration expertise.

Watch the video’s, get the popcorn !

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