SAAS B2B Platform Product Managers, this your ECGridOS Briefing


Be your own VAN? What does that mean?

Question: “We have a VAN mailbox with “Brand X MegaVAN1 or MegaVAN2, so what’s the diff?”.

Answer: The difference is implied in operating your own commerce network services, as opposed to being a consumer of mailbox services – its the whole game in the fast evolving B2B SAAS renaissance. After 20+ years of vanilla EDI communications services – upload, download, and a quirky administrative proprietary Web Page to control it all – a one size fits all solution that cannot be integrated with any code base, is all you get  from a Brand X VAN. The difference in being able to attain total EDI Network autonomy of operations via the ECGridOS API is a revelation!

Control the network according to your needs, Embed EDI Network functions within your code, and start creating completely unique EDI management functions that will overturn 20+ years of non-optimal EDI integration nightmares? This is the new EDI revelation that awaits the bold OEM, specialist service providers, and wildcat B2B integration specialists.

All of this is possible when you ditch the dumb EDI pipe, and adopt the intelligent, rational, EDI Network Control Grammar of ECGridOS. Replace in -house AS2 and FTP servers for a fraction of your present operational costs, and liberate your on-call time and expenses – let us handle the network and the interconnection overhead.

Question: “This must be a high stakes game of partner migrations and a grody integration with legacy code?

Answer: Not True at all: Start Small.  We support your FTP connections, and you can manage them intelligently with ECGridOS. Latter, move to Web Services interchange management  as you see fit. Wow, mix and match FTP, As2, and API based EDI network functions! Have you seen the depth of ECGridOS?

Upload, download, and a proprietary web interface –  with no hope of folding any VAN function into your code – blech!

ECGridOS gives you the edge – create a better EDI user experience by enabling direct provisioning of your client functions, while ECGridOS puts revenue back into your pocket. That was the revenue that you gave away to your to an EDI mailbox provider!


Question: “Will this tie up between my Cloud platform and ECGridOS be transformative?”

Answer: Yes, by alleviating the pains plaguing just about every EDI user; ECGridOS makes EDI communications a truly transparent element in your SAAS  / PAAS or OEM server software. So, Be your own EDI own network.

Presentation About Embedded EDI as IAAS
See the briefing after the jump.

This is an informal briefing about Loren Data Corp.

Loren Data was founded in 1987, but really entered into EDI Message Routing services for electronic commerce services providers in 2001, when ECGrid® was cut into full production. Todd, Loren Data Corp’s Founder, started work on the ECGridOS API in 2005 and placed it into full production in 2009, around the time I came aboard.
Things are changing in the EDI industry. (Obviously).

Why are the typical EDI market leaders being caught off guard by “the Cloud”, “Hosted B2B Hubs”, “the Revolution”? Agile companies such as SPS Commerce,  Covalentworks, Netsuite, Boomi and others are providing better than legacy services. Many of SAAS B2B platforms use Loren Data Corp’s ECGrid® as a superior way to carry multi-tenant EDI traffic. Why?
ECGrid®  programmability via a Domain Specific Grammar for EDI Messaging, allows control of VAN-like functions, such as: account creation and suspension, tracking, routing, partner management, and more. All from within your code, not by a support line or email to netops. Offer your clients self-service EDI – click a few buttons, and EDI communications services are instantly configured, message status is retrieved,  from within your ERP or Accounting Application interfaces, and more. There are no limits to what you can do with the 115 functions of ECGridOS.
ECGridOS is now deployed by B2B leaders and entrepreneurs in new and well established B2B e-commerce ventures – those poised to break out and create a brand.  So, while B2B SAAS Platform engineers instantly understand our value proposition, you can get use same Next Generation Platform offering embeddable EDI communications as a native service.
ECGrid is an instant EDI super hub supporting AS2 and FTP and API,  combined with superior account control, all at a fraction of the cost of running your own communications racks –
  • Intersystem interconnections via API calls and our world class netops
  • SuperHub architecture, a next generation routing architecture connecting a world of global commerce networks
  • Wholesale rates across the board
ECGrid® EDI  services and the ECGridOS API empower cloud ventures to penetrate the SME sector, that next EDI frontier, with $an estimated 30B of untapped IT revenue waiting to be captured. These new B2B cloud services are the place to participate in supply chain and horizontal commerce operations.

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