All the good things about ECGridOS that make EDI Communications better for SAAS B2B

A Quick Look:

ECGridOS EDI Communications API

Loren Data Corp is an EDI Communications Network (a private network that routes electronic commerce documents between trading partners). This quick backgrounder explains ECGridOS, a Web Services API that allows all of the functions of an ecommerce network to be invoked by software, or servers, or SAAS platforms.

Some call these B2B networks VANs, (value added networks). Loren Data Corp is a pure ecommerce network – they do not sell software or provide services to end users; they enable B2B service providers, many of them Cloud B2B, 3PL (hosted logistics), and SAAS ERP providers.
Loren Data Corp was founded in 1987 by Todd Gould. Loren’s EDI Routing Network, ECGrid® has been in operation since 2001. Loren Data Corp carries EDI data for SPS Commerce and several other On-Demand ecommerce companies.

Some Gartner Linkage

ECGridOS is a Web Services API for EDI Communications. Currently ECGridOS is the only way for a platform (Cloud, SAAS, PAAS) or traditionally licensed software (Biztalk, SAP) to wire in the functions of an EDI network. What does that mean exactly? Here are some points:

  • Standard EDI Networks handle account creation and management over the phone, by faxes, email, or web forms. Account(s) are considered provisioned when an FTP, AS2, or other connection is functional. Accounts share one or more of these aforementioned communications channels. All further management and provisioning follows this ‘out of process’ method, i.e. a client’s live contact with a support person at VAN Network Operations. Such tasks might include creating new accounts, suspending accounts, adding or deleting users, checking message delivery, managing trading partners, etc.
  • For small companies with few departments, fine…sort of. Even failed message reporting is out of process, reported by pager, email, web portal. Very, Very Primitive.
  • For SAAS, Cloud B2B, and platform based hosts. Mutli-user, Multi Tenant B2B platforms need a “native EDI network control method”, or better yet, they should be able to “act as their own EDI carrier”. Needless to say, revenues will be recovered. Handing off each client to an external EDI carrier (VAN) also hands over that revenue. Take the EDI cash back, in other words.

ECGridOS offers control of EDI Communications via 90 Rational Web Services functions. ECGridOS’ code integration enables SAAS B2B operators to offer self-service EDI communications. Clients may:

  • Create EDI accounts, create reports, assign trading partner relations, and EDI identities, known as Qualifier ID’s (QIDs).
  • ECGridOS allows any imaginable EDI function to be served to end users in a controlled, secure manner.

Loren Data Corp offers one of the very few pure EDI network services that cloud commerce providers prefer. Future B2B mashups between traditional supply chain ecommerce and Business 2.0 will happen with just such innovations –  ECGridOS.

Loren Data Corp is actively seeking partnerships with B2B Platform Operators and Developers.
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