EDI Beat Poetry

Why would I, an EDI Guy
Need a 90 function API?
I'm an FTP Upload and Download man
I gotta call, and hassle with a VAN
to manage user accounts
and Interconnects.
ECGridOS is for me
with integrated control
Glued right into my code
Self Managed EDI
with ECGridOS (Beats on syllables) Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom
We are B2B in the Cloud
With services on demand,
For a modest monthly fee,
No EDI manage-abil-ity.
Now each client on our hub
trades globally, with transparency,
its EDI, they dont even need to know!
With ECGridOS.
We make ERP, for B2B
We do business globally
gave 'em AS2 or FTP
at the end of each project naturally
for those EDI connections
that was such a wrong direction
We went with built-in-EDI
With ECGridOS.
In-house AS2, and FTP
cost us dearly
It made suppliers sad,
to configure numerous vendors...
Too many receivers and senders,
Now we're down with the API
For few bucks a month, we Fly
With  Globally Routed,connections
Going in the right Direction
Our supply chain has no pain
And its no drain on our pocket,
wer'e even making a decent profit
We're a real EDI Network
with ECGridOS

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