For legacy VANs, what might be a result of ignoring better tools and services?

As far as Loren Data Corp is concerned, we have a small team of network operators and software engineers (Todd), hammering on the ECGridOS EDI Web Services API, so that you can cut out the need to use external services and mailbox resellers, and create those EDI Communications functions in your code. What are other ecommerce network operators doing, for you innovators. Now, I get it that the leviathans are merging, and selling their big, expensive, out-sized solutions. But if you are an agile B2B innovator, what do they have for you, what have they done for you lately, other than give you a hard time with KCs? Is that innovation?

Maybe its time you looked into integrating EDI comms functions into your code, so your SAAS B2B platform can become the EDI network, or your ERP systems and integration servers can subsume the EDI functions. No? Yes? Here is a poem:

From the Rubaiyat of Avranham Ben-Moshe Wilensky on a desert dream of data ubiquity  –


what brings this convention of data entangled
Where the powerful order and dictate the angles
Of tools and consequences of epochs past
undeserved legacies not destined to last.

Now comes an EDI fortune-teller
to prognosticate the demise of the mailbox reseller
at the VAN convocation is planted a seed
for services that will spread like a weed.

And what of the old and decrepit VANs
As internet commerce flies out of their hands?
With microformats, APIs, and ad-hoc partner peering
the lesson they learn will be all too  searing .

With apologies to Omar Khayyam

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