Over 90 functions in ECGridOS. How did we decide?

If one is an aficionado of Web Services,SOA, REST API’s, etc. (All hot topics), then you may have looked at the various documented calls (as a technically informed type) and say to yourself, “what? What were they thinking?”. Must the already obscure world of remote method invocation be further muddied by poorly named functions, funny syntaxes, and just dweebishness?”

No. A read through the ECGridOS Docs shows a remarkably english like naming convention that any programmer can undertand at a glance. Could the API be even better documented than it is? Of course. We have added quick start code examples in modern, well commented VB – oy! Why VB. The reason is quite simple – the english-like selfdocumenting syntax of VB works for Java folks and other languages just fine.

But, how were these particular functions chosen? For Loren Data Corp’s definitive declaration of a grammar for EDI communications, Todd wanted to mirror the actual operational functions that the Mature ECGrid has used for years. Whether fashioned after the architecture of ECGrid, or as routines that were created specifically to make life easier for ecommerce system programmers, the ECGridOS palette is rich, and it’s just what the EDI doctor ordred for the creation of virtual ecommerce networks that you can tailor to your requirements.

Especially for the Cloud and on-demand B2B folks, this is the enabling infrastructure you need to make EDI a true, transparent service on your platform.

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