They Buzz and Play at the Trade Shows, we Build and Refine ECGridOS EDI Web Services API

Don’t we wish that our Top Engineers and Product Managers could go to every cloud event?

You betcha. Many of the on-demand software infrastructure vendors that we romance go to all of these events. We go to a smaller subset, and we think very hard about our total costs and opportunities.  We are changing the EDI industry’s means of configuring  SAAS and Cloud Managed B2b EDI communications. That is not hyperbole at all, we are real, deliver real services, and have innovated in the EDI network sector for well over a decade.The ECGridOS Services Delivery API is nothing like off the shelf EDI communications. In 90+ rational functions,  ECGridOS exceeds in every use case, in every requirement check-off, as the best way to configure EDI routing for multi-tenant platform B2B.

Boomi, Netsuite, Azure, all of these giants should be using ECGridOS to offer integrated EDI Communications services, And I can back up the statement that these highly respected cloud platform vendors and services providers should offer integrated EDI communications.

The featured cloud services and SAAS integration providers do everything well, except they revert to old methods when configuring EDI network services. One Pipe for all on the platform? Sending each client packing for their own EDI communications solution?  We integrated your data model, smoothed out your process orchestration, and solved your access and client delivery, now good luck with that EDI! Here is a list of VANs. They could have offered these services as an integral part of their platform, click click click, there’s your mailbox, customized at the user and account level.

And, thankfully, we were not wrong about this API, as some are coming along. But as we service them and continually upgrade our data center, Loren Data Corp, now 23 years in business as an EDI developer and 9 years in continuous service with ECGrid®,  an EDI Routing network un bundled from Packaged Solutions, we are the preferred EDI carrier of Cloud based supply chain operators.

Now, we want the On-Demand and Cloud Integration Crowd. I call for the Product Managers of Biztalk, Azure, AWS, Boomi, Netsuite, to offer the best EDI communications with the most transparent platform integration possible. You folks can do it. We built it. Let  your clients be their own EDI Network with your cloud platform services and ECGridOS.

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