The EDI Industry is Frothy – how do you play it smart? Be your OWN EDI Network

There is so much happening in the VAN business:

  1. UPDATED: GXS and Inovis are now merged. Wish them well, and here we appeal that they as the market leader will do for our interconnected industry what is good for the company and the diversity of specialized competitors.
  2. IBM Acquires Cast Iron Systems – I didn’t see that one coming, I never thought that they would ever buy another ‘appliance’ venture ever again after the DataPower debacle! I also never thought that they would ever admit that they were weak in some aspects of integration. Oh, the chagrin in the break room at the WebSphere division. (here guys, a gift from IBM M&A Corporate, Mazel Tov!).
  3. IBM Acquires Sterling Commerce. Hmmm….Gentran, Sterling Integrator,  VAN business…huh? Didn’t they just sell a VAN? Remorse? Sterling is (was) certainly a well run VAN…but If you desire fundamental communications for a multi-tenant ERP or Logistics on-demand service, or a cloud based B2B system – is the system of Value Added Networks offering you anything that will allow you to:

  • Assert total control over your user session space and message stream – shape your traffic, acting truly as the ‘network owner’.
  • Be a Peer Network within the global system of VANs and Direct Hubs, creating and controlling accounts, security, and interconnections.
  • Seamlessly create the EDI Communications services you need- not the services handed to you.
  • Access the engineers that own and operate our network interconnect infrastructure, as opposed to a ‘support lines’ and ‘escalations. With all the uncertainty in the EDI Communications world, consolidations, and divestitures, it is high time to ask: “Can we be our OWN EDI Network? Just ask EDI Guy Edison Carter !

    You can join
    our marquee portfolio of B2B clients leading the on-demand commerce services revolution using ECGrid and ECGridOS; since 2001 – a respected “EDI network of networks’ and the only interconnection facility offering a Web Services API for  integrated EDI communications: You know the EDI song by now, dont you?

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