Big Macro Think from a non-EDI Sector

Umair Haque is my hero, he thinks and writes profoundly about the mess our economy is in due to the past era of profligate spending, credit creation, and stoopid institutional investment practices – social Networks for Cats….if you get my drift.

An EDI Network for the SAAS'y crowd

Who's yo EDI Daddy?

here is a link to Umair’s blog. he writes with wit and brevity.

In the Business Process Enabling Industry, we have (for so long), seen the leaders of our market sector sit on their hands, buy up other companies, run crappy networks and innovate nada. It has been a waste of capital that will be hard to recover. Oversized, laggard technology, with too much liquidity ill-spent and allocated by “others” – it’s a bad recipe for innovation.

We must look to lean innovators who create new contemporary systems and methods that answer current needs.  ECGridOS is the only EDI Network with API controls for the multitenant crowd, but there certainly are other lean innovators. SPS Commerce, a Loren Data Corp client, with a recent IPO in a dry climate, was one of the first companies to make on-demand supply chain a reality, and there are others. There are tool-smiths aplenty, and not all are B2B systems. As the old guard ages, I see the next wave of value coming from application services on-demand.

There is something about the multitenant model that answers a unique set of problems for the Small to Medium Enterprise, the SME we hear so mich about. I used to jawbone with the analysts in the 06-07 era. They had resources to commission expensive and expansive quantitative surveys. They thought there might be 5-10 Billion additional dollars waiting with the SME for supplier enablement. And now we know that this is true.

The manufacturing verticals and alternative enterprise software companies (open source, SAAS ERP), are seeing an increase in business through the last two years of the recession. It seems their special sauce delivers the exact streamlining  of labor and multiplication of effort that the big B2B companies have totally missed by MILES. We are happy that ECGridOS API is helping this renaissance along for our Cloud Commerce disruptors, our EDI Cowboys, and On-Demand B2B scientists (you geeks) that have adopted our API.

They know there is no better way to integrate EDI Communications into a custom code base. So there.

Back to Umair Haque. Umair says that recovery of capital and the skilled jobs can take years, unless innovators start putting their technology into the hands of hungry entrepreneurs who really, really have the desire to succeed; then the inventor ecosystem can start to lift the economy off the ground.

We can’t do it in isolation, no matter how innovative, hardworking, regardless of how much better ECGrid Network support is; it will never be enough. to turn our industry from the torpor endured at the hands of the overweight and un-innovative old-line B2B companies. But you can create the next great SME B2B applications with a killer EDI feature set. That’ll show ’em!

Our Pledge to you, our Present and Future ECGridOS developers and the ventures based on the The Loren Data Corp API:

1) We will give you All: all the help, support, and co marketing you can handle.

2) We will never make it solely about Money. We want you to lift off and earn, we will help with that reallocation of technical capital

3) We will be there even when it gets tough. we never sell out our partners for a dollar.

4) We will keep you in the loop. Always.

Thank you Umair, you have inspired me to suck it up for another term and take it to the market. Thank you Todd and Company, for allowing me to speak the truth, no matter what short-term deficits result. Thank you Edison Carter, EDI Guy, for being the muse that helped me write the song.

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