Plain Facts about Plain EDI Services

Non API Stuff, But I really can’t get away from it!

Hey, I am the EDI API Guy pushing a 90 function API, but if you are upload and download guys, read on:

Todd Gould, Loren Data Corp’s Founder, Engineer, Guru, and Respected man about x12 says to me:

“Alan, you are telling all of your ECGridOS marketing contacts that Loren Data Corp also has standard FTP and AS2 services that do not require any programming, and that we are a cost effective wholesale provider of EDI MESSAGE ROUTING , that we have better Network Ops suppoort, you are telling everyone these things, right?
Well, I am again, and here and on the phone:
Did you know:
1) Loren Data Corp provides wholesale EDI Connections via FTP, As2, and VPN, at deeply discounted rates for B2B service providers.
2) We are an independent Network, a pure communications provider, we do not sell software or consulting services into your market, period.
3) We provide global message routing for BIG NAME service providers, Cloud B2B hubs, and retail hosts all use ECGrid®, yeah they do!
4) We are host to over 18,000 Trading partners on ECGrid, what? 18,000 ? We Route to over 600,000 destination ID’s
5) We are the only EDI Network that is privately owned and operated since 1987?, We designed our message transfer software systems ,  we created the only EDI API, we maintain the 2 Data Centers, we have three shifts of Net Ops !
6) We are the only EDI Network that does not compete with you for clients, we do not serve end users.
7) We are the only EDI Communications provider offering an API –  if you want plain FTP or As2, we have been doing that since 1987!
8) We can  cut 10’s of  thousands off of your FTP and AS2 systems budget. Yes we Can! If you run in-house FTP or As2, call us, we will save you big time power, reduce or eliminate support, streamlined operations, all while offering real routes, not dead end connections –

9) We know you went in-house due to VAN Frustration – We Totally Get It – We can solve that problem – Your Frankenstein Experiment was noble but it is over now!

10) We route to over 90 networks and industry direct hubs, we can help you integrate the API into your client software and eliminate or reduce dropped messages  – yeah I know Im not supposed to talk about the ECGridOS API, but I cant help it “BE YOUR OWN VAN WITH THE API”
11) If you have never worked with an owner operated EDI system, where you speak with the principals from sale to support –  you will be very pleased !
12) We have kept our largest and smallest accounts happy on ECGrid since 2001, big name EDI users not of Kilo Character, but of Giga Characters.
13) Try us now, API no API FTP AS2 etc. We are lower cost, better support (way better) and we are the only  independent pure EDI Communications providers.

Stay Independent in an increasingly consolidated and dangerous industry – stay away from the Galactic X Star of EDI bad Mojo!

14) Call Alan 412-353-9269 or LD HQ at Main Line 813-426-3355

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