The EDI Network for Today's Service Provider

Your mission is to deliver the best B2B applications. Our mission is to  create the best network services that are reliable, advanced, and supported by a focused team of specialists.

As the API evangelist, I understand the problem of offering merely “better” technology. Better is better, but  “strategic fit” of the organizations is even more important. I bring strategic partners into our planning process. It can take a year to release new ECGridOS API functions, and many things are happening right now in the X12 Connectivity Caucus, such as WS Reliable Messaging, TA3, and network invokable  methods for automated partner pairing.

These trends will find expression in various EDI network provider’s tool sets, and we want our partners to have a look at what we will be proposing and delivering, and to have a say in how we deliver these new Network API’s. 

EDI Communications is about to enter an important transformational period, and we should be working together.  This is especially true as Loren Data Corp is not like other VANs, we do not service end users, and we do not offer solutions – we exist solely for B2B application providers, and we treat these strategic partnerships with great care.

We have been a branded EDI network since 2001, and a EDI solutions company since the 1980’s, we are positioned to thrive, even in today’s consolidated industry. The aftermath of recent mergers are big industry events, no doubt, and we meet the changes with relish.

We are holding true to our pledge of independence as a pure network.  This strategy is surely working, drawing in more influential partners – indeed we increase our parity with the largest VANs, and this fact stands us in good stead as  your EDI communications network partner.  After all, ECGridOS was built to manage large and diverse multi-tenant user populations.

An inside understanding of what is going on in the VAN world is critical to electronic commerce hosted application providers. We hope that you will participate in  the next round of ECGrid® Network enhancements by joining our network.

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