Little Lies, Small Promises, a Perspective From Seth Godin is so timely for the EDI and VAN Industry

A recent post by super marketer Seth Godin, a cutting edge marketing guru who specializes in campaigns that encompass credibility – a unique perspective for someone in that business, relates the following in a short but pithy article: Companies that find it easy to break small promises, eventually find it easy to break big promises. Check out the short article here.

Loren Data Corp is a small, independent, specialized EDI Communications provider. We do two things extremely well: 1) Operate the sophisticated and reliable EDI host network, ECGrid®, 2) We provide the industry’s only EDI Web Services Programmable Gateway, ECGridOS. We do not sell B2B software, consult, or plow furrows in our client’s market. We provide direct network operations support via the principal operators, engineers, and owners of the company – not via support elevations and phone trees.

We proactively manage connections to our network via fully managed nodes that detect problems  before you know it – that is the difference between an Node -Based EDI Network for Service Providers , and mailboxes. Mailboxes are for files, Nodes are for professional Service Providers, the big boys in other words.

We keep our small promises, and we keep our BIG promises to the industry:

  • To innovate and share our best technology at the lowest cost and to contribute our expertise to our colleagues –
  • To evolve the EDI Internetwork Standards so that future communications might be more reliable, easier to configure, less expensive, and more like standardized IP Network services that we expect everywhere – except in the EDI Universe !!!
  • When you call us you speak to Crystal, the VP of NetOps, or Shelly, First Lt. of Netops
  • When you have business issues, you speak with Todd, who founded Loren Data Corp, in 1987, whew! He’s still here? Yes.
  • When you have picky strategic issues, trade relations, product planning, or new market Enterprise 2.0 co-ventures based on ECGridOS API, you can call me. I keep my eye on the industry, the competitive alternatives to EDI, and the expanding cloud commerce markets that serve the SME
  • If there is anything noteworthy happening in the on-demand or SAAS B2B biz in Silicon Valley, my old stomping ground, I can fill you in.

In other words, you call Loren Data, you speak to the principals, people who can speak, plan, and act on behalf of your interests. Well, at least if relates to EDI Communications!

We are changing the industry, and delivering stellar services. Consider ECGrid and ECGridOS for your next wholesale EDI Connection, because we keep our Small and our BIG promises, to you, the Professional  Electronic Commerce Service Provider

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