Who has the technology to instantly provision virtual EDI Networks?

If you operate data centers, cloud infrastructure, or telecom co-location and managed services, are you giving away the potential EDI Communications revenue because the setup, internetwork relations, and interconnections are too arcane? For every data communications service in the known universe, there is a way to obtain the stack, from hardware to software and services; for EDI communications, the choices are bad, and non-existent.

Companies providing EDI Communications services treat even the largest data center accounts like retail customers. These relationships assume you will resell mailbox services, and delegate management and provisioning to the value added provider. There are no options for the integration of pure, unbundled EDI communications services to become a seamless part of your management system or application user interface. All of the important network operation functions, traditionally external to EDI applications, are now, with the advent of ECGridOS, available to the programmer. Operating self-branded EDI Communications from within your application suite is now a proven reality. ECGrid is engineered for multi-tenant and multi-host operations – the kind of businesses managing thousands of QIDs and mailboxes. See the ECGridOS API docs and see that this is not hyperbole, ECGridOS  is a  DSL for EDI Network management at cloud scale. (A Domain Specific Language).

We will assist with provisioning a complete EDI Communications services via ECGridOS API, creating differentiated services that perform as a fine-grained, API level component network infrastructure hosted on ECGrid’s fully managed, node-based architecture. We exceed VAN mailbox functionality by several orders of magnitude (90 function API compared to file up / down) in every category important to profesional services operators.

Undifferentiated FTP that has been shoehorned into multi-tenant EDI applications is a testament to the ingenuity of today’s service providers and their software engineering teams – however, the efforts that such work-arounds has consumed could have been more profitably spent elsewhere. I urge those of you who are deep into B2B service provider system architecture to take a look at the ECGridOS API documentation, and see what we have built for you. Now, ask us for a free developer account and show us what you can do with it.

You will be running real, peer level EDI services in less than a week, integrated with your stack fully in 30days. Ask Edison Carter what he thinks.

How much EDI Revenue did you farm out last quarter, last year? – keep that money, use ECGridOS and be you OWN EDI Network.

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