Updated ECGridOS Examples Webinar and API In the IDE Sprint – Date 11/22

Sign up here to Learn about the amazing ECGridOS API, the only service delivery platform granting full operational authority over EDI Communications via a programmable interface. GXS Doesn’t have it,  no one has an EDI Network API, but we do.

The  date is 11/22/2010  at 11:00AM EST – The Webinar will be recorded for later playback. But being there for the live webinar is better! You can ask us questions.

There are about 45 active and semi-active developers on the ECGridOS list and another 50 dabblers and interested parties that have engaged us over the past 14 months. It’s about everything that embedded EDI Networking can do for your products or B2B services. It’s time for a showcase. The event will be live via Webinar, Each Presenter 5-7 minutes (more if required) to show what they are doing.

Shameless Self Promotion is permitted if your product or speculative experimental Mashup uses ECGridOS in a clever way.

We will also have Todd and another top rated ECGridOS guru do a sprint of the functions in the IDE (not all 90, but will cover each family and show the relations between functions).

There are partnership opportunities in the E 2.0 communities and even competitive VANs can benefit from the component network model of ECGridOS Web Services – so start a conversation via the webinar, and take a walk through the ECGridOS functions. We have never done a live expert driven event before, with the father of ECGrid & ECGridOS, Todd Gould Himself. If you have a novel, mind bending Idea for EDI services never seen before, here is you chance to do business with a willing partner with a substantial, programmable (and that makes ALL the difference) EDI communications infrastructure.

Sign up here, If you are an ECGridOS developer and want more exposure , here is your chance to shine, we will be pushing this campaign to market.

Developer Showcase Webinar and Walkthrough
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