Incumbent vs. Insurgent, a Seth Godin Gem

Seth Godin posts a short, concise truth: It’s easier to stick with the status quo, but a lack of boldness and daring makes otherwise bright innovators and their likely allies act timidly.

There is no lack of boldness at Loren Data Corp ECGrid and ECGridOS. We provision  Cloud and SAAS B2B service providers with the EDI Communications system that beats all others: The Industry’s only API for making EDI Communications native to applications. While the entire B2B systems market marches to the beat of the old drummer, we arm the insurgents with the most powerful, programmable EDI Network in the industry, the kind of applications changing power that makes your service stand alone. Don’t believe me, just try it – call me or email for free developer account and let’s see you build the next revolution in B2B on-demand services – while your competition, satisfied with the status quo of external EDI interfaces, sells the same old thing.

All along we have been saying that web and cloud commerce will eventually take the lead over incumbent systems, and we are here in 2011, offering service providers the best way to integrate EDI Communications into these selfsame applications: EDI in the application, transparent to the end-user, as network services should be, and most are.

But EDI still hangs on, forcing little trips outside of your system to check delivery on an admin page, or to add trading partners, and etc. Make 2011 the year you said, “enough, we are going with the Service Provider’s EDI Network, ECGrid and ECGridOS”.  Happy New Year, EDI Cowboys and Cowgirls!

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