Throwing Around the Word, “Embedded”, like it means something….and it does.

Anything in a press release must not be accepted at face value, especially concerning technical products or services touting the following terms: “Cloud, SAAS, PAAS”, and “Elastic”; watch out for any claims that attach to the cloud buzz of the day.  We include ourselves in this advice, as a provider of  hosted infrastructure services. Check us out.

I hope that you, the buyer of B2B services, will verify what we claim in regards to ECGridOS product collateral. We justify claims, show use cases, and have impeccable references. As a specialty EDI network with a service provider focus, we have to be real. As the only EDI VAN with a network management API, we have a short leap to show real functionality – ECGridOS either works and scales, or it does not work as specified. We can send you to several partners that have built their business on ECGridOS.

So, when we say, “embedded EDI communications” , we mean that you can consume ECGridOS function calls, and use them from within applications, bind them to custom code, call them from your UI, and make each and every integration server or ERP box a native communicator, not a 3rd class FTP citizen.

If you ever see the word, “Embedded”, be very cautious, because the marketing behind that statement most likely does not understand what such a term means in the world of data communications. Most sincerely, be careful with the pronouncements of embedded elastic services. Elasticity as a feature of hosted applications is very arcane subject matter that exists layers below your applications. For Bare Iron web scale systems, for multi-homed blade farms, and for other native OS and Virtualized computing environments, elasticity is an important concept for the engineers planning back-end computing and applications resource management.

However, for the EDI shop, your elasticity needs are levels below the nodes you connect to, and the responsibility for ensuring compute resources for your communications needs are taken very seriously by the Senior engineering staff of the VAN or EDI API provider (Hi!!!!), that you choose to power your B2B applications.

So, when a EDI sector giant, mostly without a clue, uses nomenclature that is so plainly out of their marketing department’s grasp, be sure to ask what they really mean.

Meanwhile, here at Loren Data Corp, we remain same folks who write the code, and operate the ECGrid EDI network for over 19,000 connected users, and refine the 90+ language functions of the ECGridOS API.

We will always be plain spoken about what we mean by the word, “embedded”.

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