India, oh EDI India, we get it ! We do.

We have been seeing an increasing amount of search traffic coming from India, especially from technology centers such as Mumbai, a place I am familiar with. It’s no secret that there are powerful and innovative companies in Mumbai, and all over India, and they are developing B2B applications and offering IT services that involve EDI systems.

The concentration of inbound web traffic from India on various EDI Communications subjects is not surprising. I wonder, “What is the State of EDI Communications in India’s B2B services companies, for EDI end users (manufacturers and other supply chains)? This type of quantitative research comes from overpriced analysts.  I think it’s safe to say, however, that EDI is divided into distinct sectors in India’s Tech Sector: 1) Creating EDI systems and bits for others, as å work product or as tools used by India’s powerful IT contracting shops, and 2) EDI for India’s domestic businesses.

Some of the inbound searches take the form of questions,  and we get direct inquiries, too, so now it’s time to make an public offer:

Are you an Indian Technology solutions company working in B2B EDI, supply chain automation, or end user applications? D you need advice, tools, or would you like to be an autonomous EDI network using the ECGridOS API and become an EDI communications powerhouse ??

If the answer to those questions is “yes!”, we want to learn more about your plans, and we would be glad to advise you on strategy, and we are ready to deal with Indian partners who are ready to roll up their sleeves in order to become a prime mover of EDI Communications in India using ECGrid® technology.

I have worked closely with Indian colleagues and I found their work ethic astounding. I have found firsthand that there can be a potential for amazing synergy between the technology infrastructure innovators in the USA and the B2B powerhouse Integrators and Software developers in India’s IT sector –  I participated in such a collaboration during my relatively brief time as an product analyst at FT R&D in South San Francisco (Hey, Devesh, where are you now, man?).

So the invite is open, and plain for all to see: Loren Data Corp is seeking Partners in India – and this is only step one. Call or email Alan or Todd at our contact info pages at or, and start the next phase of world EDI domination.




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