Is the State of EDI Communications Going Forward or backward?

A precious gem from Seth Godin – forward or back?

Is the EDI Communications market evolving? Is the potential for innovation being supported by the leaders and thinkers, do we have any thought leaders? I ask these questions of you, the audience of ECGridOS blog readers,  most sincerely. While the posts here are mostly about technology, its good to stop and take a breath and ask some hard questions:

1) How is the EDI Comms market doing?

2) Is the pace of innovation in communications adequate?   Forget layered data services such as mapping, integration, etc, I want to know if EDI communications are being advanced to the audience’s satisfaction.

3) What is the state of competition in the industry Have we seen many new entrants in the VAN word? Really? Service Providers of any scale? Let us know. More generally, what are the barriers to entry for new innovators entering the market as relates to the technology of EDI Messaging.

4) If you could talk to one humble innovator in EDI Communications, what would the topic be?

5) Let’s Say that I could hook up some of you folks who take the trouble to leave a thought provoking comments on this post – regarding the above point #4 – Say I get you on a call with a real thinker on EDI Communications and what the industry could look like in 1-2-or 5 years…..would you go for it – a 15 minute call?

The talking Ball is now in YOUR court.



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