Oakland Software up’s the game with EDInow: the Eclipse-based Mapper and ESB Run-time Translator with ECGridOS EDI Network Power

Oakland Software is ready to Rock with EDInow!, an Eclipse-based Mapper and ESB Run-time Translator with fully integrated EDI Network management. And you can steer the Product’s final feature set by contacting Francis Upton, Oakland’s CTO, and getting into the beta program. Don’t be fooled by the beta status of EDInow – the beta program is just to refine the ECGridOS network management features in the otherwise mature Oakland Data Transformer EDI Tool Suite.

An email went out a few weeks ago announcing our new developer partner, Francis Upton, CTO and Founder of Oakland Software. Francis is a monster software engineer at the Top of his game, and he has been delivering his product ODT (Oakland Data Transformer) for quite some time to the Big Pharma market – a very demanding EDI market for the mapping and transformation experts in that field. Now, he is concentrating on delivering EDInow!, an Eclipse IDE based mapper – a mapper like no other. The EDInow tools from Oakland are based on an ESB, an Enterprise Service Bus, a super connector and runtime orchestrator ideal  for companies requiring the power to consolidate multiple data sources, apply  complex maps, generate custom code, and then run the translations in real time on Mulesoft ESB.

This is the future of EDI data management and communications. Have you been subjected to wining, dining, and a round of golf by the salespeople from the old line VANs?; that’s because they don’t have Jack to offer – nothing new to sell or demo, just the same old solutions. But Oakland and Loren Data Corp now bring you the latest, most up to date technology that is proven  and designed for demanding service providers, integrator / operators, and B2B Cloud Commerce ventures.  The combination of Eclipse, MuleESB, and ECGridOS is a killer combination for professionals whose needs are just not met by old line, smokestack era mapping tools. (ODT used by several prestigious companies for mapping and translation, and ECGridOS is used by a rapidly growing cadre of established and new EDI ventures).

Francis Designed EDInow to exceed the capabilities and power of “old-line” EDI mapping and translator offerings. There is nothing like EDInow, because it inherits the extensible power of Eclipse, the most popular Open Source Language Agnostic IDE, and Runs on the Proven Mulesoft ESB (soon other ESB’s as well).

I know there are B2B SAAS and EDI service providers that have been lurking and getting my emails, and you are waiting to make your architectural move to EDI for 3PL and other complex transactions that exceed the reach of most of the worn out old mappers that were designed in the Smokestack Era. And, the first group that gets in on Oakland’s Beta of EDInow will get hands-on support and help from the program’s author and engineer himself, Francis Upton –

Francis is very modest, perhaps too modest. He is one of the leading thinkers and doer’s of the data transformation world -in and outside of EDI. This is a rare opportunity to get plugged in, get the best tools, and expand your horizon as to what can be done with real power tools in an ESB environment. And, ECGridOS EDI network management is built in.

This future is here, and I invite all on the ECGridOS list to experience the future of EDI data management on Eclipse and Mulesoft ESB – life will never be the same for service providers and B2B Cloud Operators who have been frustrated with the limitations of Old Line EDI Tools – So See the EDInow details here.

Participate in the beta and demo-  by  Contacting Oakland Software here.

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