API Extensions, ECGrid technical and feature enhancements

Todd posted an update to inform our clients of new extensions to the ECGrid and ECGridOS systems. I am pasting it here in its entirety to save time: Of note –

  1. ECGrid is gaining As2 native capabilities, meaning that very soon, our API developers will be  able to instantiate As2 hub services and manage them just like VAN services. Routed, AS2 a first from Loren Data Corp; not from GXS, Sterling, or Easylink.
  2.  GISB / NAESB. Are you in the Utility Business and using EDI for meter reporting and settlements? This will be a key feature for you. We are specialists in EDI Communications for Utilities.
  3. HTTP callbacks. You will be able to have us POST configurable status to your system, rather than polling us via ECGridOS – This is big.

The post is reproduced here:

GISB/NAESB is now fully functional. If you have business in Gas & Electric, we are all set for you.

We will be in Beta for ECGridAS2 later this month.

What is CallBack? For example, instead of having to poll ECGridOS to see if you have anything in your InBox, ECGrid sill automatically call your web site URL with a specific HTTP Form Post. This will provide you with all the information you need to launch your own routines.

InBox is just one thing, you can link to any Mailbag/Parcel or Interchange/Envelope status code. We are using this functionality in-house right now to fire off GISB/NAESB and AS2 send routines.

More details are to follow soon. Make sure you are participating at http://forums.ecgrid.com.

As the only EDI network designed and operated primarily for Service Providers and Software Developers we are getting noticed.

Do you want to know how powerful ECGridOS is? The program that runs behind the scene to invoke our ECGridOS Callbacks is less than 200 lines of code! GISB/NAESB server code: 150 lines; GISB/NAESB client code: 240 lines!

This is the time to get involved and embrace ECGridOS, it is the EDI wave you want to ride.


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