The hardest working Man in the EDI Communications business

Did you ever wonder  – “what’s involved in bringing an expansive, transactional API to market? What’s it like being the sole EDI Network management API provider? What’s it like to care and feed the ECGridOS API, supporting it, keeping its domain specific syntax relevant, comprehensive,  and easy to use? There’s no other EDI Communications provider offering a platform API; I think if you read the rest of this post, you will see, in part, why there is only one EDI Network Management API Platform provider.

Take a glimpse into the world of “the hardest working man in the EDI Communications business”, while you take a quick look at this link, which is a list of ECGridOS API revisions chronicling Todd’s updates to the API. Wow. That is quite the tour de force, in my opinion. One man and his machines.

To call our President, Todd Gould, a programmer, would be like calling Werner von Braun a rocket technician. Todd runs the company, manages the key accounts with assistance from our incredibly competent VP, Crystal Kuczynski, and our GM of Contracts, Kristine Finlay.

Todd is the sole architect and performs all software engineering for ECGrid – multithreaded core code and I/O modules controlling hundreds of VPNs, dozen’s of FTP and AS2 clusters, EDI software routers and comms node handlers, the mail bagging, archiving, and the administration of MS SQL fault tolerant database running > a million daily database operations, triggers, and stored procedures. All of the love and attention given to ECGrid is purely at the service of our clients, specialized B2B service providers who depend on ECGrid for their EDI Data Communications. All of our network members totaling 23,000 QIDs (addresses) are the beneficiaries of the advanced architecture of ECGrid and ECGridOS API. Not bad at all for a specialized Commerce Data Communications network –  eh?

Never content to sit on laurels, Todd has a product roadmap stretching out at least 36 months. The roadmap is a living thing, and is fed by my industry research, working with our expanding network of developer partners, and from suggestions from major accounts. At the base of the magic is ECGrid, a multitenant EDI Routing system that is, in its native functionality, far ahead of any competing EDI Communications system – but how am I so sure ?

The answer is ECGridOS, the web services API platform for EDI Communications; this allows our partners to write custom EDI applications, or to embed user accesible EDI functionality within Enterprise Software, such as ERP and Logistics management suites.



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