Who is using ECGridOS (and ECGrid) ?

I can definitely tell you one of the top question I get about ECGridOS – here it is: Who is using it? Most of the folks asking this really mean, “what type of developer or B2B IT entity is using ECGridOS API Communications services?”

Here goes:

Tech Savvy B2B Entrepreneurs looking to differentiate their offerings:

1) NetEDI and Dimension Software use ECGridOS to add full, better than VAN-like Trading Partner Communications and Management  to their unique solutions. In the case of NetEDI, they have built, from the ground up, a complete EDI business using their extensive experience in B2B integration. The folks at NetEDI use ECGridOS as their communications engine and network management backbone, an anchor service that complements the company’s extensive other fully and seamlessly integrated services.  See their offerings at http://netedi.co.uk

Dimension Software uses ECGridOS to add EDI Communications to Orbis Task Centre – an advanced, encompassing BPM suite that is making its mark in the supply chain solutions arena. Jesper Carstensen now distinguished Dimension’s offerings by bringing fully integrated EDI Communications and vendor management to Orbis’ great BPM suite. I would actually say that calling Orbis Task Centre a “BPM” product misses the mark, its really a powerful  application environment.  See Dimension Software at http://dimensionsoftware.dk/

2) Established B2B Software Companies and Service Providers that want to make EDI as seamless and painless as possible for their customers.  What better way to take the sting out of EDI’s sometimes vexing comms management, than to integrate trading partner management and  EDI Communications into the software or B2B SAAS service?

ECGridOS gives established Supply chain IT vendors the edge with 150+ function calls,  including instant AS2 hub creation and fully routed EDI messaging to over 100 different VANs, direct hubs, Federal purchasing, and other EDI compatible systems, globally.

Examples of established B2B companies using both ECGrid and ECGridOS include: Radley, SPS Commerce (ECGrid), Energy Services Group, Epicor / Activant (coming live soon), Oakland Software, and Covalentworks.

How many developers are there, either in development or live on Loren Data Corp’s network?

We assigned developer credentials to around 45 developers, and we see active programming and debugging activity from about 15 of those, some 7 odd accounts suddenly start calling functions at long intervals, and the other half are inactive. NetEDI , Dimension Software and Radley are the leaders in API calling activity, while we expect another half dozen to go live in a big way within one year. We are keeping our collective eyes on Steve Redler at Thuman’s, the Deli Best Meats – because he is a coding monster.

If you have questions about ECGridOS features or activity, please drop an email to awilensky@LD.com or join our developer forum at http://forums.ecgrid.com/index.php    we also invite our readers to join our mailing list at http://ecgridos.com/ecgridos-developer-news-list-signup/





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