Developer Profile: Microliance

It seems that ECGridOS is building a major head of steam with companies specializing in Sage Software solutions, particularly Sage ERP specialists.

(Editor’s Note: ECGridOS UK partners NetEDI, ,, are recipients of the Sage Innovation Award!)

Microliance, with offices in Marlborough, MA and Coral Springs, FL is a prime example, and we are very pleased to be working with Principal Edward Dewsnap, and Developer Jason Haley. (Ed codes also).

Just hours ago, I had the please ure of catching up with Ed, President of Microliance, to see how the company is progressing on their ECGridOS integration with Sage ERP:

Alan W: Ed, tell me about your experience  using ECGridOS to add EDI Communications and Trading Partner Management to the Sage Solutions? How has Jason been taking to it, and I understand that you are also involved int coding and the design cycle?

Ed Dewsnap: That’s correct, I never dreamed we would say, “Now, we are the VAN!” . “And, it’s a valid statement; now we offer every conceivable  aspect of EDI services as a Sage ERP vendor”. “Both Jason and I have been coding and testing, dividing the development between my work on client specific integration, while Jason is integrating ECGridOS as a standardized EDI service in all of our Sage ERP Accounts requiring EDI. It’s been coming together very rapidly.”

Alan W: That’s a strong statement, “now we’re the VAN!” “I guess that ECGridOS is becoming, fundamental to Microliance’s business strategy going forward?”

Ed Dewsnap: “It’s not hyperbole – we’re not going back to externally sourcing VAN mailboxes, now that we can configure, control, and deliver every aspect of EDI network management from within Sage ERP“.

Alan W: “Would you like to add any other comments, Ed?”

Ed Dewsnap: “Absolutely, please tell Loren Data’s President, Todd, that we Love the ECGridOS API, it has expanded our horizons beyond my expectations, and every function that we (quickly) master, from interconnections to reports and message tracking, comes together easily. We see new revenue possibilites, and can service our clients at an entirely new level  – there are many new EDI services that Microliance will be bringing to Sage ERP – and ECGridOS is now part of Microliance’s “must have B2B toolset”.

Thanks Ed! I will also be interviewing Jason Haley, Microliance’s lead developer, in the next few days. Those wishing to contact Ed can do so via the comments section, or see

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