can i create my own edi van?

“Can I create my own EDI VAN”??

That was just one of many similar searches that  we catch here at ECGridOS. The Answer? Yes.

ECGridOS grants total network authority and autonomy to the developer. If there is any question as to how flexible and powerful ECGridOS Web Services are, simply go to our “Free Developer Account” page, get your credentials, and start being your own EDI VAN. I need not beat the drum any harder, because with so many totally unique features,  such as API driven directory services, unified As2 and VAN message routing, and over 160 functions total, there is no other EDI network that serves developers, integration specialists, and B2B Software and Cloud Application companies better. You can’t get these services at GXS, Sterling, or anywhere, because they will never let you access their network this way.

ECGrid remains the most robust, reliable, and customizable EDI Network, and more. ECGridOS is the programmable network OS Kernel that takes you beyond VAN-like features, and opens up a world of next-generation B2B functions that you can build into your systems. Whether you are an ERP shop, cloud or not, you can make EDI trading partner comms and community management integral to your software. The API is so reliable and repeatable, you will cut the need for standard support   by 2/3 at minimum. That’s what we see.

Furthermore,  SOAP based remote method invocation is far, far, far, more reliable than any other file transfer methodology, and ECGridOS error reporting uses SOAP exceptions. From a security and reliability standpoint, this the state of the art in B2B communications. As a last benefit, Web Services API’s completely obviate most firewall dependency issues. No more struggling with a trading partner or EDI department that can’t control their corporate firewall.

And lastly, there is a growing community of B2B developers using ECGridOS; they are the best in their fields, and they collectively make up the next generation of EDI network operators, as the VAN business either gets its act together or spins down of its own inertia and torpidity.

Get your ECGridOS developer account now, free of charge. See why GXS is afraid of Loren Data Corp’s founder, Todd Gould, the EDI community’s leading architect. They are completely at a loss as to what to do about ECGrid and ECGridOS, the network and its API comprising a fundamental rethink of EDI Communications and Trading Community management.

Since its commercial service entry in 2001, Loren Data Corp’s networks have only been off-line for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance for less than 10 hours total. Since 2001 that’s an incredible network track record, while GXS Trading Grid has been ……much less reliable; you can search the Yahoo EDI-L group for verification on that fact.

Yes, Virginia, you can be your OWN VAN. Sing with us.


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