How-to-Questions? Why not post to the ECGrid Forum?

I noticed some incoming web searches today, “how to connect to ECGridOS with Ruby / Python”. There is no need to strain here – for several reasons:


1) ECGridOS is a Web Services standard API. That means the services description are described in WSDL, which is imported by most IDE’s (Visual Studio and Eclipse, others) so that the functions look like local library calls.

2) There are numerous Web Client add-ons for Ruby (a gem I believe, but correct me if that is an add-in), and other languages. A Web Client adapts your language calling conventions to the HTTP SOAP RMI format.

3) There are very experienced ECGridOS developers lurking on the  ECGrid Developers forum

Web Services are a superior way to deliver network management services as callable functions. They are the holy grail of a newer model of computing: named services for invoking embeddable EDI network tasks.!

So, by all means, if you work in a language that does not have built-in Web Services compatibility, look into Web Clients for your particular Language. Join the ECGrid Developers forum, and please, if you are at all interested, sign up for a no-risk, free ECGridOS developers account here.

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