To have faith, above all, in a vision(ary). The adoption curve of EDI Network control and trading partner management via API

In the EDI Communications sector, the incumbent networks have made a fine art of sitting on their laurels. But Loren Data Corp, due to the foresight and vision of its founder, engineered and nurtured the only EDI Network Management API, a programmable VAN interface that has grown to +150, well documented function for integrating EDI comms and supplier community management.

Todd started thinking about engineering a programmable interface to ECGrid as far back as  2005, maybe even long before that. The Web Services W3C standard could finally be considered a mature,  well-supported method for remote services invocation. On announcing the initial availability of the ECGrid API, named ECGridOS, no accolades were heard, for the most part the B2B market that Loren Data catered to yawned.  However,  Todd kept at it, hired an evangelist, and kept evolving the web services functions that comprised the ECGridOS API.

A great deal of thought and testing goes into API design; network communications API’s (for many reasons) are more difficult to engineer than common data access API’s.  To see how comprehensive and well thought out ECGridOS is, take a look at the interactive API Docs.

ECGrid® (Loren Data Corp’s Advanced EDI network) was already a tour de force in the VAN world – it is the EDI Network preferred by large service providers and Cloud B2B App providers  – ECGrid is a network that is engineered for “the professional B2B constituency” – from large service providers to the Programmer – Integrations specialists who do it all, ECGrid,  quite independent of ECGridOS, offers an operations philosophy and architecture that is unlike any other EDI Communications network. ECGridOS extends ECGrid by making its interconnection and message routing functions callable, embeddable, and extensible.

ECGridOS, the only programmable EDI VAN interface; a powerful API that allows developers to “drive the VAN”, and is Loren Data Corp’s way of expressing the company’s core principle:

“All Spokes are Hubs, and all Hubs are Spokes”

Professionals who deliver complete solutions, such as integration consultants and programmers, as well as entrepreneurs in their cloud application scrums , aspire to gain as much network autonomy as they can get their hands on. Only the right API delivers this level of control.  Operating Virtual VANs on-behalf of your clients (or department),  closes the gap in your services delivery – Therefore, integration, customization, etc. can be immediately be provided with EDI Communications that are made integral to the solutions you deliver. This is true for the largest OEM’s all the way to local B2B shops grinding out mid-range ERP.

ECGrid’s node-based architecture and ECGridOS API, is congruent with contemporary  SOA philosophy:  Grant  developers complete control over the “network application space”, allow flexibility in  managing metadata, comms processes, user configuration, and message payloads – do all this while maintaining a safe, secure, flexible multitenant comms environment.

Success -ECGridOS is being used by some very prestigious B2B Companies – and more B2B entrepreneurs every day. What do they have in common?  Answer: File uploads and downloads are not enough. A web based interface to configure a mailbox is not enough. The deficiencies of the operational side of EDI Communications are unacceptable.  ECGridOS addressees each and every communications deficiency faced by enterprise integration and Cloud B2B operators.

And now, not content to remain still for a moment, Loren Data Corp announces Unified As2 and VAN message routing via ECGridOS .

We can now answer the question: “where is best, most flexible, cost effective, EDI communications for professional B2B providers?

The best solution would be EDI Comms and trading partner management that is built into your software, or B2B SAAS, and integrated into every system you install! Programmers and B2B consultants can deliver all the services their clients need, via a system that is powerful, flexible, and far more extensible than any VAN. Your clients will love you….even more than ever before.

See more about the ECGridOS API at and the docs at

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