The Power of thin provisioning: ECGridOS and smart companies take the asymmetrical advantage to new extremes.

Updated 12/12//2012 by AW

Thin Provisioning means deploying scalable services while consuming minimum labor and resources, with zero impact on performance and reliability .  Outperforming over-provisioned fat services is the goal, while maintaining flexibility is the key.  Extreme Rapid Deployment, even for complex projects and integrations, is the nontrivial side benefit. We are documenting a service stack for EDI Comms and subscriber management that is as near perfection as possible.

Is Thin Provisioning more Cloud Gobbledegook? Most emphatically, not. Each major IT sector has several leading examples of Thin Provisioning; these services are the best of breed, secret weapons of the leading IT consultants, lone wolf and savvy giants use these sharp swords.

You have landed at Ground Zero of EDI platform communications and partner management. Thin Provisioning is the target of Loren Data Corp’s Technology Portfolio (ECGrid Advanced VAN, ECGridOS API, and Unified AS2), all of these services are continually refined, resulting  in services that consume minimum resources, yet deliver  maximum results, fast.   EDI Communications Network Thin Provisioning  is like making magic reliable, while growing the scope of the platform. This is not a job for novices – Loren Data Corp, is 27 years in the market.

The ethos of agility and maximum leverage is  brilliant strategy for adding EDI services (and more) to B2B Clouds or classic enterprise software.  For those routinely servicing large clients, and who must deliver 100% reliably on a tight schedule,  Thin Provisioning is a must.

And, as you guessed, ECGridOS is the pure embodiment of Thin Provisioning. With an IDE at your right hand, and some modest talent at your left, take control of your VAN, or your clients can be their own VAN, or even better, you may confer VAN-like authority on SAAS tenants, or build the power into any application.

No other EDI network offers developers and architects control of a network.

Todd Gould, President of Loren Data Corp, is the leading  EDI Communications industry architect; Todd created ECGrid, ECGridOS, and Unified As2.

The company has delivered on its core mission: “Offer the full power of ECGrid to all developers and B2B Architects”, I knew eventually, that success would follow this unconventional path of offering services that grant network authority and autonomy to the professional developers and IT consultants. It’s a counterintuitive way to bring services – as opposed to offering strictly limited messaging and external controls. Take a look at the ECGridOS docs and see what I mean. It’s very self explanatory how different and how truly efficient the model is. Only from the mind of a great thinker having the power to implement a grand architecture.

Continuing now….

Anyone can over-provision, any competitor can sell fat. ECGridOS empowers developers (some well-known consulting firms) embracing Thin Provisioning – because ECGridOS, ECGrid, and Unified AS2,  deliver such power. The power of ECGridOS empowers a smart group of developers to outflank competitors.

ECGridOS gives something precious – a repeatable, powerful platform of 150 Functions.

We are all together in this industry, making commerce work, and offering the broadest spectrum of  solutions to the large and small alike. I salute you all.

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