Integration Warriors: ECGrid /OS is the Vanguard in “Programmable Comms and Trading Community“ Platform Services.

The B2B integration market is complex, competitive in the extreme, and burdened with baggage inherited from the past.  Success stories, however, are not that hard to find, as the ECGrid team can easily share many inspiring stories of ECGridOS developers who sprouted new ventures, or added EDI Network features into the system they build upon (NetEDI and Sage / Microliance and well…Sage and MS SQL Server),  succeeding in such a crowded market. It’s a great feeling to play a tiny role in connecting the entrepreneur  to tools and systems designed from the outset to break barriers. In doing so, these experts can deliver not just better  system, but amazing and robust solutions that had not and could not have existed before ECGridOS became the flint to their steel.

Todd Gould, a master systems architect,  and a Fellow EnterpriseB2B / Enterprise Code Warrior , is aligned in common cause with the best of the experts (and the even inexperienced, yet sincere programmers), taking years to design and deliver a grand Web Servies architecture called ECGrid (the VAN) and ECGridOS (the programmable interface to ECGrid). No fooling.
As one of the first to catch inbound leads, and as the content curator for the sites we maintain, I have a front row seat to observe ECGridOS developers evolve,  and I learn from observing their ‘adoption lifecycle’.

ECGridOS is not a program or a package, almost everyone knows by now that ECGridOS is a live, evolving service platform; it’s growing catalog of  Web Services functions is a direct result of Todd’s inspiration as the sector’s leading EDI Platform architect, and the feedback we get from ECGridOS developers. Some of our partners have been working with ECGridOS since late 2009 -yikes!

The live codebase that Loren Data Corp (i.e., Todd) is evolving and maintaining is a great asset to our company, and to the developers that have sweated bullets to learn it, integrate it, and depend on it. We take the responsibility of being a first class, interconnected member within the global community of VAN-peers very seriously. The amount of hours and capital are enormous for a small company running a robust infrastructure, dual colos, support, and inbound sales, etc. considering the human capital expended…..yes indeed.

The owner, the team, and the contractors expect nothing less; it is an honor to be so burdened, or shall I say, resourced. In some ways, even our most vexing challenges are taken in stride and gathered to be considered as opportunities to test the metal here – it’s part of the job.  Most gratifying are new products and services that are ready, well,…to see the light of day:

ECGridOS v. 3.0, a major release, with 50+new functions, not the least of which includes extensible As2 via Web Services Functions – an industry first.

And there is so much more. All of these new platform features are not isolated utilities or stove-piped services;  ECGridOS API functions grow incrementally and organically into remote callable procedures. only after serving as internal ECGrid components.  Candidate API functions are then made available via the beta WSDL endpoint and tested, documented, and then released to production when Todd says, “Go”..

So ECGridOS 3.0 – deserving of major kudos,  as we shall see in the coming months. Unified As2 is in there, with network routing, directory services, and the full functionality of ECGrid. Think of an As2 re-thought with the goal of solving hub / client interactions. Think of using all of the potential programmed logic of a “rules engine” applied to all phases of partner enrollment and the operating lifecycle of building a supply chain trading community.

As always, we are here to respond as near to real-time as possible, to questions from all, clients and prospects, analysts and journalists, and colleagues all. My direct line is available on the contact page, and my skype ID is known far and wide. (awilensky)



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