Call for Input: Accessing Web Services in various environments. Contribute your experience.

ECGridOS developers:

An increasing number of web developers that use text editors and non-IDE non Visual Studio coding environments are looking for advice on the best way to make Web Services function calls from popular web languages, such as Ruby, Python, PHP, Scala, Hasklell, I think you get the idea.

If you can contribute your favorite non Visual Studio method for importing and unwrapping the ECGridOS WSDL (.ASMX), could you please help a brother out and post your ideas on the ECGrid Developers Forum – Users of Eclipse, you could weigh in, too. There are many new languages that support REST (POST / GET) and ECGridOS for the moment allows this, albeit without the rich error handlers of SOAP.

There are instances when advanced language enthusiasts will find themselves in a position to use SOAP, import the WSDL for unwrapping, inspecting, etc. There are many ways to do this in non IDE setups, and some of the best text editors have web client add-ons , too.  So, if a new ECGridOS developer needs a Web client add-on for their language, editor, etc., maybe one of the gaggle can cut out some of the research loop.

I encourage all developers who get this mailing to join the ECGrid Developer Forum, even if you feel that you don’t need the help, or don’t want to expose a product road map, we are not looking for anything proprietary, just information on tools.

For those that have not joined….I am asking you to please go to and suggest a decent web clients for use with PHP .  Note: The forum is much faster now, thanks to Todd.

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