Easy EDI services for the European SME B2B market !!

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easyEDI Announces Hosted EDI services. 

Jesper Carstensen of easyEDI, Magtenbølle, Denmark, an ECGridOS featured developer, announces the launch of new EDI Services:

“The service is focused on providing EDI solutions for small and mid-sized companies in Denmark and Northern Europe”, according to Jesper. “It comes in two flavors, an online web-based solution, an efficient hosted solution based on simple files.”

The details of the easyEDI offering:

  • For small companies that need to comply with EDI requirements mandated by the Corporations they sell to, webEDI is an ideal online solution. The webEDI solution enables even very small companies to become EDI compliant at a very low cost.

  • For midsized companies the ideal solution is easyEDI, a hosted EDI solution based on exchange of simple CSV files or XML files that are converted into EDI by the easyEDI solution. With the easyEDI solution midsized companies can get a fully automated EDI solution in the cloud at a very competitive price.

For larger companies requiring enhanced automation and control, easyEDI offers an on-premises solution, with direct integration with ERP and accounting systems –  easyEDI targets Northern European markets

easyEDI VAN traffic will be carried over Loren Data Corp ECGrid, the preferred EDI message  routing  system for Professional EDI Providers and Integration specialists around the globe. easyEDI offers an expansive line of EDI and B2B Integration software and services, including the Dimension Software EDI component add-ons for Orbis Taskcentre, a popular BI development workbench environment.

Visit easyEDI at www.easyEDI.dk or contact them directly by mail info@easyEDI.dk or phone +45 6089 7755


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