ECGridOS is a Web Services API (Application Programming Interface) with 150 (now over 175 functions, including functions for creating AS2 managed hubs with VAN hybrid routing) – ‘ECGridOS is the most advanced programmable B2B Network Platform for Supplier Community Management ‘.  

ECGridOS is ideal for software developers, integrators, and OEMs who see the value of embedded trading partner management.  ECGridOS is ideal for software developers who are targeting near zero configuration, transparent EDI functionality that is integrated within your application’s code.

A new world of opportunities, enhanced usability, and revenue potential are within easy reach when your B2B applications control the EDI network.  Our interactive API documentation tells the story best.

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ECGridOS API function families:

System Access & User Management

This control set of APIs provides login/logout and other basic system access functionality.

Network/Mailbox Management

APIs to create and maintain Networks and Mailboxes

Trading Partner ID Management

Use this set of APIs to add, edit, delete and manage all aspects of Trading Partners

assigned to a specific Network/Mailbox.

Interconnect Management

These functions are used to create and manage Interconnects between IDs

throughout the ECGrid Network

Carbon Copy Management

APIs to manage Carbon Copy interchanges for Trading Partner pairs.

Parcel Management

A complete set of APIs to send and receive mailbags, interchanges and other

payloads over the ECGrid Network.


System reports.

Major Release V3.0 adds AS2 management to ECGrid Network Mailboxes – As2 re-thought from the ground up for mega hubs, custom integration businesses, and service providers !

Embed the full spectrum of VAN-Operations into your code with a few ECGridOS API functions. It’s easy, powerful – see what our developer-partners are saying.



  • Manage thousands of multitenant clients in a rational, hierarchical manner. 
  • Build EDI Communications and Trading Community Management into your products.
  • Unify AS2 and VAN messaging with a handful of API function calls. 
  • Create and Manage As2 Certificates   
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    ECGrid Network Traffic

    ECGrid Network Traffic

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