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easyEDI Announces Hosted EDI services. 

Jesper Carstensen of easyEDI, Magtenbølle, Denmark, an ECGridOS featured developer, announces the launch of new EDI Services:

“The service is focused on providing EDI solutions for small and mid-sized companies in Denmark and Northern Europe”, according to Jesper. “It comes in two flavors, an online web-based solution, an efficient hosted solution based on simple files.”

The details of the easyEDI offering are posted here.

Visit easyEDI at or contact them directly by mail or phone +45 6089 7755


A new developer profile is up for Microliance, Sage ERP specialists.



Featured Partner, SR-Tech – Steve Redler is a ‘full system’s architect’, specializing in mid-large food manufacturing clients. We just completed Steve’s developer profile. Here is a quote: “…Using ECGridOS has been a great experience, and I actually enjoy using the API.   I have dealt with under-performing software and comms providers. Indeed, my move to Open Source OS’s and development languages was motivated by a desire to take back control from outside resources. Anything that gives me better than expected results and that exceeds my expectations, is worthy of adoption into SR-Tech’s EDI Repertoire.”


A featured partner: Pinnacle Data Technologies – EDI for Cold Storage Logistics and More…

Use Case #1, NetEDI Here as promised! First Up, a case by Marc Nelson of NetEDI. They built their business on ECGridOS !!

Use Case #2, Dimension Software Here – Mr. Jesper Carstensen explains how the integration of ECGridOS distinguishes Dimension’s delivery of Orbis TaskCentre, a fantastic, BPM-centric, application workbench.  

Use Case #3 Here CMT Systems, Apparel ERP Solutions, Integrated ECGridOS Communications

Oakland Software Opines on ECGridOS – let me say that again: OAKLAND SOFTWARE INTEGRATES EDI COMMS into their top ‘O de line Eclipse IDE Mapping software. You are not going to find such elegance and finess at VAN XYZ.

New NetEDI Ltd. Video’s are on the NetEDI site, go see them all new, great work, be your own VAN with NetEDI’s powerful management dashboard, powered by ECGridOS.

Want to see them right here? Ok! 


12/14/2011 UPDATES

See The President’s blog at


Code Samples.

For a sample code, see here.

The ECGrid developer’s forum is becoming a real community, so if you have not joined, please join now to contribute and submit your questions to Todd, the API’s creator, and all of the power users that have made ECGridOS the lynchpin of their EDI business.


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