EDI for Developers

ECGridOS Developers’ Program.

The ECGridOS API is the only API driven infrastructure for creating embeddable VAN services that can be called from your program – an ideal system for B2B entrepreneurs bringing the next big thing to market, specialist supply chain and e commerce consultants, the SAAS / Cloud “disruptors”, who can’t get the job done with vanilla EDI services. Check out the API docs to see the breadth of ECGridOS API services that you can call.

The Ultimate Developer Campaign is ON !

We are taking the limits off the developer accounts for qualified developers. Contact us for details that will “stretch your EDI network control expectations”; The game is ON!.

  • Make EDI communications integral to your platform, not an add-on
  • Multi-tenant B2B platforms need programmable trading community controls – and this is it!
  • Be You Own VAN ! Control your own EDI network – no limits on your creative control of your EDI routing, mailboxes, ID’s, metadata, and fine-grained control of mailbags.
  • Enough already with being limited to uploads and downloads only – so yesterday ! See the ECGridOS API docs, sample code, and witness the raw power of being your own EDI communications system
  • Fill out this Form and Get  Developer Account Credentials

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