I know EDI

Do you want tighter EDI integration with more control over EDI communications services ?

Most important:

  • Do you want to be a “first tier” route, with the ability to directly create ID’s, mailboxes, and users on the system?
  • Invoke all EDI services from within your program? No phone calls, no external web interfaces for configuration.
  • Do you want to “be the VAN” ?
  • Do you want  wholesale transit rates and the best net ops in the EDI industry?
  • If these issues are important to your business, if you supply EDI communications through your platform or applications, ECGridOS is the best way to embed these function into your code.

ECGridOS is just what the doctor ordered:

  • If connect via multiple FTP, AS2, and VAN interfaces – ECGridOS consolidates all of your commerce communications into one program attachment
  • If you handle your own systems integration, use a hub or platform that is Web Services compatible
  • If you struggle with Trading partner QID migrations, network management and messaging accountability
  • Are using an SOA Architecture, an ESB, or IDE

In short, if you want a single point of attachment to the global trading and supplier community, ECGridOS is what you want.

Getting started could not be easier:

ECGridOS Developers’ Program

The ECGridOS Developers’ Program provides full network access to ECGrid and ECGridOS with certain trading partner and transaction limits. This is the perfect place to create and test new ECGridOS enabled applications. Drop an email to developers @ ecgrid (dot) com  – we look forward to making you part of the family. Or fill out this form.

Sign up here!

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