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I have updated the website to include: featuring Oakland Software’s Eclipse IDE Mapping and Translation system. See the ECGridOS in action page.

Oakland Software’s EDInow (mapping, translation, and ECGridOS EDI network management) is based on the proven Eclipse IDE, and uses  MuleSoft ESB for runtime translation. Oakland’s EDI now and it’s standalone mapper translator (called ODT), is the Future of power tools for data management. Need proof ? XpressScripts uses Oakland’s tools for mapping and translation.

If you are a smart person, then you will call up Francis Upton at Oakland software. If you are a Java shop, even if you use another desktop mapper for day to day, you have no idea what ODT can bring to your process. What you have been missing in the data management layer!!! If you need EDI network management built into tools environment, with the best mapping and translation, ask Francis for a demo of EDInow.

More on the incredible ongoing righteous battle over VAN interconnections, and the fight for trading partner rights!

A personal opinion on the Loren Data Corp v. GXS VAN peering battle
Suit Rel 1

We are working on  a set of class objects  – canonical business documents that exist as native language document objects, XML serializations, and fixed, lightweight X12 based document sets. These sets will be great for mid range commerce, and will allow on-line E2.0 accounting and other REST API systems to interoperate with ECGridOS, eliminating the need for mapping and translation. Call once and done. Deliver anywhere.

We are also delivering in 2011 a As2 Certificate portal as part of the API. The service will allow a programmer or user (via a web form) to store and update certificates, look up partners and other metadata via ECGrid Directory services, and more, for a low yearly fee. The service is unbundled from the data communications API, so you can keep your old moldy VAN or whatever. We are always glad to help with wholesale EDI transit pricing at the best rates, the best professional NetOps support, all for the Service Provider only.

There is a new briefing for CTO’s and Product Managers Here

There is a new State of the API Briefing you can see at Scribd page Here

Functional Sample code been released by Todd. And, a new API monitor endpoint is also being defined, so you can watch your account sessions execute in real time. Very handy for those getting their feet wet, and great for debug.

As always, if you have requested developer login credentials and have either stalled, need help, or an API walk through, please let us help you get bootstrapped. We are here to help make your EDI feature set more compelling and transparent with the best EDI Communications API and Network. Period.

Alan 412-353-9269 anytime,

The relationships of Mailboxes and Associated QIDs, subscription charges, routing, etc. Deprecated – —-!!!!!

ECGrid Service Plans now are more flexible as per QID / With a Tiered Structure for volume accounts. Call us about how the ECGridOS  API puts you in control of your own EDI Network and Your own Pricing.

Recent News About Loren Data, ECGrid, ECGridOS, Upcoming Events and Tools + Partnerships

11/24/2009 Tradacoms EDI envelope format enters ECGrid / ECGridOS beta. API developers who are also servicing Tradacoms interchange segments should be happy.

The latest from Todd on 8/4/09

2009 is shaping up to be an incredible year for both Loren Data and the industry, perhaps we can be the ones that lead this country back to productivity, efficiency and out of this recession.

New ROUTING REQUESTS Procedures: (its an improvement, dudes, chill)

By the end of August we will have a new routing request process in place. You will have the choice of either using a new Web-Based UI or our ECGridOS API. In both cases, you will have immediate response to the status of your Routing Request, and 80% of the time it will be instantly confirmed. For those requests that require confirmation by the VAN or other assistance, they will be immediately escalated to NetOps for completion. The Web-Based UI will use the ECGridOS API on the back end, and source code will be published to assist developers in writing their own ECGridOS-aware applications. We will be providing several Webinars for training, which will be recorded for playback at any future date.


Sorry folks, there has been a last minute decision to cancel the VAN Summit and Keynote, due to lack of enrollment. Todd will be in LA to meet, greet, and talk about ECGridOS, the future of commerce API’s, and partnerships. Please call me if you need info 412-353-9269. But wait, it is not all bad:

Todd will be at the X12 Trimester meeting, so find him or let me help you coordinate a meeting. 412-353-9269

But save the date for 10/15/09 big user group and ecommerce trade show. The best of its kind. In Massachusetts!

Both Todd and I will be at the NEECOM,org user group meeting. A very active vendor constituency will be there, so call Neecom and get in. The location is at a very reasonably priced hotel outside of Boston…yes, I know, its no Wilshire Grand or Paramount on Telegraph Ave., but its cheap and the company is hip. Loren Data is sure to be hosting an “after the event Chinese buffet for Vendors to recover from the ordeal, everyone is invited including attendees, guests, any NEECOM connected folks. Keep your eye on this blog for time and place as we firm up the precise place.


Loren Data is launching a  market initiative positioning ECGridOS EDI Global Transit API within the Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) sector. Alan Wilensky, a B2B sector analyst, will be advising Loren Data Corp on partner and channel development.

Alan is here to serve Loren’s partner and OEM community to help you think about business cases, licensing rationales, and any and all strategic issues impacting EDI communications as an embedded service on YOUR platforms. So we say, Use Him.

Call Alan if you want to discuss the issues related to EDI adoption in the mid-market, and how the API can help you. SAAS, PAAS, and EDI software connector vendors, I fully expect you to pick up that phone at your earliest convenience and call  Alan at (412) 353-9269 –

Alan would like to meet with you to see how you have used ECGrid in the past, use it presently and explore ways to use ECGrid and ECGridOS in the future to further expand your business. If you are interested, please drop me a line.


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